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Volume I

January 2024

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weld education 2.0

The most technologically advanced method of learning welding is now a reality thanks to CAVILUX laser illumination. See welding in a crystal clear manner in an interactive and fun, easy-to-use online platform. From absolute beginners, to welding masters, we have something for every level.

Welcome to ArcLess Academy by Cavitar.

Welcome to Weld Education 2.0


weld education 2.0

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Mag welding tips


Hidden secrets of mag


quality stick welding


pro tig welds


Behind the gas



Mag welding tips

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In multi-layer welding there are a few things you need to consider for a quality weld.

First, the welding parameters need to be in balance with the thickness of the welded material.

The 1st run of the weld must be done with a steady hand ensuring a symmetric surface to assure quality on the 2nd run of the weld.

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In the beginning of the 2nd run, overheating of the weld must be avoided.

Welding in an upward position and overheating the weld would cause the melt pool to fall down.

A steady upward, side-to-side movement of the welding torch ensures an "even heat input" without overheating.

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weld education 2.0

We want to make welding more attractive and aspire to lower the entry barriers for new students who are eager to learn welding. We want to empower weld educators with a groundbreaking teaching tool.

We will provide the competitive edge for welding schools to revolutionize the way welding teaching is done from now on.



Hidden secrets of mag

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In the beginning of the video, you can see the pre-gas flow from the torch from where a tiny piece of impurity is ejected bouncing to the right side.

You can observe the gas flow increasing to the adjusted amount of 17 liters per minute.

The gas flow spreads to both sides of the weld piece and through the root gap.

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When the welding wire touches the weld piece, a welding arc is formed. You can see spatter flying from the weld causing shockwaves when the welding wire touches the weld material.

You are able to see the weld dancing between the plates and an even gas flow during the welding.

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The technology

Cavilux Vision

By using the CAVILUX laser illumination technology of Cavitar Ltd, Tampere, Finland, you can enhance your learning experience.

Adhering to highest standards and accredited certifications, all of our products are Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in Finland.

arcless vision

Cavitar Welding Cameras are powered by our CAVILUX Laser Illumination & they provide unprecedented views into the welding process by efficiently filtering out the arc. In order to bring this available to welding schools, we teamed up with top welding educators in Finland, and this is where the ArcLess Academy story begins.



quality stick welding

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Manual welding, or MMA, also called Stick welding is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode covered with a flux to lay the weld.

In Stick welding there are 3 main ingredients for a quality weld.

1st: Choosing the correct welding stick based on the weld material and using the correct welding parameters for quality welds.

2nd: Moving the stick at the correct angle and speed after an arc is formed by gently scratching the surface of the plate with the welding stick.

3rd: Keeping the arc in the correct length during welding since too long of an arc will cause spatter.

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The partners

Savo Vocational College (Sakky) is a distinguished institution known for its comprehensive and innovative approach to vocational education.

Sakky has graciously opened its doors to host the initial phase of our Weld Education 2.0 program at their state-of-the-art facilities. Their expertise and commitment to fostering practical skills and knowledge in the field of weld education have been invaluable in refining our curriculum and ensuring its relevance and effectiveness for students.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Arcless Academy, as we join forces with Sakky to shape the future of welding training and education.



pro tig welds

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For quality TIG welds you need to take care of the proper preparation work of the weld piece. The V-groove should be ground in a similar shape on both sides.

During welding the tip of the V-groove edges need to be melted for proper weld penetration on the root side.

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A steady side-to-side movement and adding of filler wire is needed.

The end of the weld must be completed correctly as well. As the end gas flow protects the weld from oxidation, wait until the melt pool has cooled down and the post flow of the gas has ended.

After ensuring this you can adjust the gas flow on the welding machine accordingly.


THe journey

Welding skill Levels

Welder Logo


Fusion Craftsman

Mastering various welding methods and understanding different materials. This level is for those who are familiar with welding and have some experience in the field.

Covers best practices, welding positions, and introduces advanced tools such as ArcLess and CAVILUX Vision from Cavitar for enhanced welding insights.

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ArcLess Artisan

Pinnacle of achievement at Arcless Academy. reserved for high-aspiring individuals and companies seeking specialization in unique welding materials or skills.

Includes welding champion preparations and customized training, ensuring a mastery that transcends traditional welding boundaries.

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Ignition Level

Starting point of your journey, where you ignite your passion for welding and learn fundamental techniques using ArcLess Vision by Cavitar.

Covers the essentials for those who have never welded before, providing a solid foundation with a focus on safety practices.

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Molten Maestro

For experienced welders who want to expand their knowledge and specialize in a specific field using the most advanced methods.

The curriculum covers advanced techniques and analysis while visualizing invisible gases, allowing you to elevate your welding skills to new heights.

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behind the gas

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Gas Metal Arc Welding or GMAW starts with an electric arc.

Like a tiny lightning bolt that strikes, it melts a special type of wire that fuses two metal peieces together, turning them into one.

To keep this molten magic safe during the process, a special invisible gas is introduced to shield it from the outside world.

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The shielding gas is toxic, and therefore, a fume extractor significantly enhances safety of the welder by effectively removing those fumes.

However, correct distance of the fume extractor from the welding operation must be considered, or it will have adverse effect on the quality of the weld.

If there is no fume extractor, or of it is placed too far away from the welding process, there will be no suction of the fumes and the shielding gas is evenly spread on all areas. On the other had, if it is too close, it can leave the weld exposed, which results in poor weld quality.


THe Education

Welding Techniques

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Welding Robot


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the Team


Juha kauhanen

"The Architect"

Senior welding educator with more then 3 decades of welding as well as teaching welders and the future welding champions at SAKKY, Finland.


Ville-Pekka arasmo

"The Champ"

Finnish welding champion. Expert welding educator and in the top 10 welders with experience in TIG, stick and MIG welding.


Tatu hirvonen

“The Teacher”

20+ years as a skilled welder across various Finnish companies, over a decade of welding teaching, and years of coaching in national and international welding competitions.


The company



Value in Sight

A pioneer in laser illumination, providing high-performance solutions for demanding high-speed imaging and machine-vision solutions using CAVILUX laser illumination and Cavitar Welding Cameras.



2 Hours North of Helsinki

Small but captivating city nestled amidst two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Its industrial heritage melds with modern innovation of advanced technology while sustaining a balance of vibrant urban landscape and untouched nature.


Dr.Taito Alahautala


“Welding education plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the welding industry. Professionals must be equipped with comprehensive knowledge and

best tools to meet the demands of modern times and we are here to support that need by offering an innovative solution.”


Embark on a journey through the world of welding mastery with "ArcLess Marvels: A Welding Odyssey." This digital magazine invites you to explore five extraordinary welLing cases, each unveiling top tips empowered by ArcLess Vision technology. Immerse yourself in a visual spectacle as we showcase the artistry and precision of welding with the innovative arcless approach.

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